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Occultations in the GAIA era : Technology, Education and Science

jeudi 14 avril 2016


Dates : April 18 to 19 (Monday, Tuesday)

IMCCE - Paris Observatory 77 Blvd Denfert-Rochereau (see entrance here)

On Monday, the meeting room will be salle Danjon, bat. 15 on the map

On Tuesday, the meeting room will be at ground floor of building B, just right of the vending machine.

Contact : Francois Colas (francois.colas at or francois.colas or Wolfgang Beisker (wbeisker at

Preliminary program

  • Monday, 18th 10h30 - 12h30 : Lunar Occultations, OccultWatcher and WINOCCULT any news ?

What is the future of WINOCCULT ? Program language, .NET, etc. Implementation of GAIA data in WINOCCULT and OW OccultWatcher ... What stars and events will OW handle ?

  • Monday, 18th 14h00 - 17h30 : Distributions of predictions, better alerting observers

Photometry in image sequences, linearity of detectors, spectral response, noise Improving historic observations Updateing predictions on the basis of past observations Main Belt Asteroids : Updating orbits of past observations (also TNO !)

Technical improvements Evolution of video... from analogue to digital Resolution, analysis, archiving data, file formats

  • Tuesday, 19th 10h00 - 12h30 Astrometric improvement of minor body orbits in the solar system

Proper motions before GAIA 2 release JPL-DE versus GAIA reference frame Precession constants update Yarkovsky effect and TNOs ? Relativistic correction for bending by the sun

Software with GAIA catalogue Getting GAIA data as soon as possible. Testdata available ?

  • Tuesday, 19th 14h00 - 17h30 Observation of occultation events :

Effect of GAIA catalogue on the community How many occultations per night with a certain telescope diameter ? Is it still usefull to travel ? Mass analyzing and archiving of data. A database of results... Will Euraster do this ? Should we run a testsite ? Two telescopes in N/S direction for better spatial resolution. IOTA-ES 0.5m mobile instrument in combinatiion with a fixed site ?

Photometry of asteroids and TNOs. How support LS project

Special selection of asteroids and other objects ? List of preferred objects ?

Outreach projects and the "How to find new observers" question.

Contribution for the LS Project of amateurs and small observatories